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Panda Motion is about teamwork. That is why we partner with highly talented people to produce amazing Explainer Videos, also known as explanatory videos and explanation videos. We have team members from Portland to Australia but our business office is on  Eastern Standard time.

Here is our Team:


Sales: Chuck Caine  CEO Joint Effort Marketing Group-  Sales and Operations- Panda Motion

Words:  Dave Schrenk, Scott Thompson, Jason Moore, & Kathie Kenway

Voices: Jim Anglo, Connor Heim, Erik Braa, Bill Dewees, & more

Pictures: Katie Holzmann & David Barneda

Motion: Daniel Johnson, Sagun Manandhar, Bryan Thomas & David Barneda

Puppeteers: Matt Garofalo, Matthew Estes, & Rory Magnus

Sounds: Bailey Math & “the Human”

Partners: Daniel Johnson& Chuck Caine

:: Office: 877-908-2407

:: E-mail: info@pandamotion.com

Want to Join the Team? Are you good at what you do? Email us at theteam@pandamotion.com and tell us where you could fit and convince us why. Due to the high volume of freelancer e-mails we cannot guarantee a response, but we can guarantee to consider your help in making the finest explainer videos on the web!