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Some video production companies want to convince you with how hard the process is because they charge so much. They have to justify the high price with the process. They will tell you about sales consultants, account managers, producers, story leads, script writers, visual outlines, team collaborations, visual outlines, story plans, style samples, animatics, story strategies, and how much value the video will have. (Wow, I almost ran out of commas!) It should have a lot of value for the many thousands of dollars that they charge for those videos.



Storytelling and video production should not be that hard or that expensive! At Panda Motion, we know how to drill down on your story and make it simple to the public. We have done so many of these that it has gotten simpler, not more complicated and cheaper, not more expensive.


Easy 6-step Production Process

  1. The Kick Off Call is when you and your Project Manager/ CEO/ the organizational guy (one guy) gets your paperwork together and turns you over to the creative guys. You work with the script writer and the producer to discuss the purpose of your video, the tone and direction, and your target audience. We gather all the information needed to get the script started as well as provide some basic information for the rest of the production team.


  1. The Scripting & Voiceover stage is where we write a script that represents the ideas that were discussed in the creative call. Once we have the script set, we audition different voice over artist to find the best voice for the job. You get to hear all of the auditions and you get to choose. You don’t have to pay for a sound engineer to do a voice over. Save those for Hollywood!


  1. PandaMotion_BannerwtextThe Style Frames stage is when we focus on a key scene in the script and explore what the scene could look like visually. The style frames set the mood for the whole piece through the texture, color, typography and more. This would mean providing 2-3 still images for client review. This stage is essential in streamlining the storyboarding process.*


  1. The Storyboarding stage is when produce a complete visual guide to the video, based on the approved script and style frames. The illustrations within the storyboard will be rough until approved. Storyboarding is important to visually see how the whole video will flow from one scene to another.*


  1. The Graphics & Audio Composition stage is when we bring everything together. Taking the approved voice over and illustrations we create moving animations along with adding music and/or sound effects.*


  1. The Delivery stage is where we deliver a completed video which consists of:
  2. a) a file that is suitable for e-mailing and desktop viewing (.m4v).
  3. b) a file that is of high quality but small enough in size for uploading to video sharing sites (.mp4).
  4. c) a file for the highest quality lossless quicktime file for archiving and video editing (.mov).
  5. d) We can also provide a compressed flash file (.flv) and number of others versions upon request. Our standard settings for the production we will use unless requested otherwise will be: 1920×1080 progressive square pixels at 30 frames per second.*


* Up to two rounds of edits will be allowed at each stage. Additional cost will be based on the extent of the changes


These stages are done by as few parties as possible with as little overhead as possible. We don’t do our videos in a basement but we don’t have a “cool” penthouse studio either. We can therefore do a quality explainer video for a price that won’t have to take a mortgage on your business to pay for.


Let our team tell your story and you can have the nice office.whiteboard thumb