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Un-complicating Explainer Videos

Explainer Video- The easy way

I have noticed that a lot of the “agency” type video production studios have gotten carried awExplainer Videoay with process. Explainer Videos that started out to be a simple creative work to make a short story of a service or product have become layered with systems. They will tell you about sales consultants, account managers, producers, story leads, script writers, visual outlines, team collaborations, visual outlines, story plans, style samples, animatics, story strategies, and how much value the video will have. They will do this for many thousands of dollars, the price ┬áthat a lot of studios could have made three videos for.

The problem in the video world is that after a while, assets grow and the artists, animators, sound guys, etc all have to the newest and latest stuff. They also all have to be paid.  The small studio grows into a large room of cubicles with a lot of techies sharing coffee and thinking up ways to bring world peace. At Panda Motion, we have learned the art of keeping our assets low and our resources high. We can make animated videos that will more than satisfy for a lot less than the expensive agency houses. We do not do it in the basement but we can do without the conference rooms and expresso machines.

Give us a try for your next explainer video and we will save you enough so that you can buy the expresso machine for your office.

Explainer VideoPanda Motion is a full service animated video studio that makes explainer videos, whiteboard videos, and explanation videos for less money

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Chuck has been in Marketing from Magazines to video production for over 20 years. He has done consulting and work for Intel, AOL, Pepboys, and other large firms but still has a soft spot for start up companies. His companies have done hundreds of videos as well as other web marketing services for every size client. He can also be found at www.jointeffortmarketing.com

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